Termite Protection

Termites are predominant in Georgia and many consumers have taken steps to help protect one of their most valuable assets by contracting with a licensed pest control professional to help control and prevent termites in their home.


Termite treatments used by our company include a liquid, a bait system or a combination of both. After the treatment we will determine the necessary follow-ups to protect your home from termites and other wood destroying pest. For our liquid treatments we use Termidor. Our liquid treatments include an annual inspection upon payment of your renewal fee. For the Bait treatment we use the Advance Termite Bait System. This treatment includes quarterly inspections of bait stations and an annual inspection upon payment of your renewal fee. We offer Repair and Non-Repair warranties for your termite protection.

We also offer Installation of Moisture Barriers in crawl spaces and install Vents for proper ventilation.

Things That May Compromise Your Warranty

In our contract, There is a clause that advises the owner if making changes to the home, that these changes could impact the effectiveness of the termite treatment. This may VOID any warranty offered by Rider Pest Control. This not only protects you, our customer, but us as well.

Georgia Infestation Reports

You will most likely need a Georgia Infestation Report or Termite Letter when selling your home. We would need access to the property to do this report and handle all the necessary paperwork involved and get this information to you in a prompt manner.

The difference between a termite and an ant swarmer