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Since 1967, Rider Pest Control has been providing Georgia with effective pest control and pest extermination services. Our customers include homeowners as well as commercial and industrial businesses including bars, restaurants, stores, factories, office buildings, and multifamily dwellings.

Our technicians receive ongoing industry leading training and are courteous and fully insured. We also were a 3-time Lifestyle magazine exterminator of the year.

We employ green pest control practices using environmentally-friendly pest control products that have a low impact on the environment and protect the health of your family and your property.  Our services include termite extermination, mosquito control, and ant control all provided by expert pest control technicians. You can count on us for an accurate inspection and environmentally responsible solutions that will provide long term protection and prevent future pest infestation.

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Venomous Georgia Spiders

Spiders are common pests found in every state of the United States. Approximately 3,400 different species call North America home, with an astounding 40,000 different species worldwide. The following 4 are the most dangerous in Georgia.

  • Brown Recluse
  • Brown Widow
  • Northern Black Widow
  • Southern Black Widow
Termite control


What Types of Termites Are in Georgia?

Both subterranean termites and drywood termites are known to damage homes in Georgia.

Experts estimate Georgia residents spend between $200 million and $300 million each year to control and repair damage from subterranean termite infestations.

Honey Bees

Is it illegal to kill honey bees in my house? Honey bees are endangered so it’s not a good idea to kill them. They generally don’t cause any harm but can build their nests in awkward places. Bees are in serious decline so the best thing to do is call out a bee keeper as they can usually be removed quite safely and easily. In some countries and states honey bees are a protected species.

Fall Pests

With fall fast approaching, it is likely that homeowners will start experiencing an increase of overwintering insects and pests around their homes.

Overwintering pests such as Boxelder Bugs, Cluster Flies, Kudzu Bugs, and Lady Bugs will begin searching for ways to enter homes and buildings in search of shelter to survive the winter.

Prepare now before they take over your yard and home!

Termidor Termite Control