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Don’t Let Them Eat Your Home!!

They’re like cancer eating at your home if they get a chance, and they’ll devour it from the inside out.  What are we talking about?


They’re horrible, and each year they wreak destruction in thousands and thousands of homes nationwide. They can be stopped, however.

Regular spraying and treatments like Termidor can help significantly cut down if not eliminate the possibility that subterranean termites will devour your home.

We’ve been treating homes for termites for literal decades.  We’ve got 50 years in the business so we know how to protect your home from these offensive creatures that consider your costly home their own new meal.

Many of our clients these days use a bait system which is also truly effective in keeping termites away from your home. The stations work by putting them in the ground around your home and wood is placed in them to draw the creatures in.   If activity is detected, our team is alerted and we put termite removing chemicals inside the bait station.  The termites come and take the bait back to their colony, and the whole colony is destroyed, effectively keeping those nasties from chewing up your home.

Rider Pest Control has many options for termite removal. Feel free to schedule an appointment and we’d be honored to serve you.

We Offer Liquid and Bait treatments – Bait treatments include quarterly inspections of stations and one annual inspection of home.  Liquid treatments include an annual inspection.  We offer repair and non-repair warranties.

Commercial Termite Control Newnan, GA

We Serve Businesses too!

Businesses need termite work too.  They can be just as susceptible to termite invasion like homes and termites can be just as destructive at work.  Make sure not only your home but your office is protected from termites, as an infestation can be even more costly to a client when it comes to a business, because it can mean loss of the ability to work while the termite destruction is mitigated. 

So no matter what business you may be in, protect the investment in your business by trusting Rider Pest Control with all of your termite control needs.  Our exterminators are top notch. 

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