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Crawl Space Moisture Barriers and Other Services in  Newnan, GA

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We Visit the Places In Your Home that You Rarely See.

  • Crawl Space Ventilation and Cleanup:  We also install vents for crawl spaces to give proper ventilation.
  • Termite Letters:  Georgia Infestation Report or another term used Termite Letter – when you are selling your home you will most likely have to have one of these reports for your closing.
  • Home Pest Inspections:  Our services include inspection of your home, identifying the pest issue, selecting the appropriate method of treatment, applying the treatment properly and making sure our treatment was effective.

One of the other ways we can help you is that we may also encourage you to do specific tasks that will help with your pest issue and protect your home, for instance – removing wood debris from your crawl space or attic as well as next to home to protect from termites.  These things we do regularly with our customers.

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