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We get rid of mosquitoes too, keeping you safe!

If you check pest control companies around town, you’ll find very few that actually do mosquito work. 

We do. 

While many companies concern themselves with the quality of you within the structure of your home, we also focus on the quality of life that you enjoy outside your home by taking care of pesky mosquitoes.  

Imagine sitting on the porch or deck in your back yard and not being eaten alive by mosquitoes?  That’s what we provide, safety for your home inside your house, and comfort and enjoyment outside your house.  

Mosquitoes also carry a host of diseases that can be truly life threatening, including Zika and Encephalitis. These diseases are carried through the mosquito, and when they bite you they pose a disease risk to the person bitten, and particularly to little children, or women who are pregnant. 

Whether you’re in Newnan, Peachtree City, Fayetteville GA, Sharpsburg, or Senoia, we can help you remove the mosquitoes from your home and back yard.  

Our goal is for you to be able to enjoy your home as much as is possible, pest free and mosquito free. 

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Commercial Mosquito Control Atlanta

If You Have an Outdoor Venue, We Can Help

 There are quite a few outdoor venues in the Atlanta Metro area, outdoor reception areas, parks, playgrounds, school recess areas, and the like that could all benefit from the ability to provide a mosquito free environment for their patrons. If you’re one such business, we can help you to provide just that.  From local swimming pools and HOA’s to miniature golf courses, we can give you an environment free of mosquitoes, that will give your customers the best experience they could possibly have with you. 

And if they have a good experience–  they’ll return.  Call now to see how we can help.