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Perhaps the most intrusive of all pests are bed bugs, which are a true health hazard and interrupt when you are in your most vulnerable state–  asleep in bed.  These bugs literally feed off of their victims and can be quite difficult to remove from a home, since DDT has been outlawed (and rightfully so) for their removal.  Because of DDT, they were gone for a long time in the United States, and in more recent years, they have become quite more common, often invading luggage or clothing when someone spends a night in a hotel room, and taking these unwelcome visitors home.  From there, they spread like wildfire throughout the bedroom and the living spaces, feeding on their occupants while they sleep

There are many ways to treat homes with bedbugs in the Atlanta area, including heat treatments that some pest control companies charge thousands for, and then there are those that provide a chemical approach.  Both can be effective means of treatment, and can restore your peace of mind as you sleep in your own home.  

We provide free consultations so we can help you to review the best options for your home, restoring that good night’s rest that you need in your own home.

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 In recent years, bedbugs have also become a problem int the office environment as well because bed bugs can attach themselves to clothing, and can be dragged into working environments and office spaces. 

Although sleep doesn’t necessarily occur in these environments, bed bugs can show up if brought into the workplace by unknowing employees.  We can remove bed bugs from offices, apartments, and other business environments or multi-house facilities, returning back to you an environment that is truly pest free for your workers, employees, and staff.  Call Today for a Free Quote.